Text Transcript

Annika: “Yo yo what’s up girl” (Speech like interjection)

Me: “Hi bro!!!!!!!!” (Punctuation added for effect)

Annika: “How was it? Wait tell me at school! R u in mufti?” (Logograms)

Me: “Yes I am in mufti”

Me: “Are we actually allowed? Our teachers just said we can wear it if we want to”

Annika: “Yay!” (Speech like interjection)

Annika: “The year eights are”

Annika: “R u on the bus” (ellipsis)

Me: “No sorry not on_bus” (ellipsis)

Annika: “Oh man” (colloquialism)

Me: “:-P” (Emoticon)

Annika (the day after):  “Morning! 🙂 _still ready for me at 8:15?” (Emoticonellipsis)

Me: “Yeee boiii” (repeated letters for emphasis)

Annika: “And pick up at 9:30″ (ellipsis)

Me: “Cool as bruh” (colloquialism)

Annika: “I made cake yesterday too!”

Me: “Yumm!!! Ur cakes are the best :p :p” (Repeated letters & punctuation, Logogram, Emoticon)

Annika: “🙂” (emoticon)

Annika: “_Leaving now might be on time not early” (ellipsisomitted words and punctuation)

Annika: “At_bridge now” (ellipsis)

Me: “Cool beans” (colloquialism)

Me (later on): “DUMBLEDORE IS EPIC” (Upper case to donate tone) (Change of subject with no apparent reason – I’m not sure of the term for this)

Annika: “Haha I know! R u on the fifth one?”

Me: “Yes_still on the 5th” (ellipsis)

Annika: “Nice, we’re at the house working”

Me: “Fun!! Well I hope its fun anyway haha” (Omitted punctuation, Repeated punctuation, speech like interjection)

Annika: “Hah! We’re sanding all_the doorways” (ellipsis)

Me: “Wait_ can I call u real quick_” (Logogram, contraction, omitted punctuation)

Annika: “Sure”

Me: “I’ll let u get back to your sanding now hehehe

Annika: “O:-)

Me: “l:D

Annika: “It was an angel”

Me: “Hahahahaha nice” (Speech like interjection, repetition for emphasis)

Me: “_

Annika: “_Going home for lunch! Yea boi!” (ellipsis, colloquialism)

Me: “Yea boiiiii!!” (colloquialism, repeated letters and punctuation)

Annika: “Should I have a wrap or a pita bread_” (Omitted punctuation)

Annika: “Ok_I’m having pita bread”

Annika: “Can I call you_

Me: “Sure”

Me: “Lol” (Acronym)


(N.B In this text conversation, both Annika and I had autocorrect turned on otherwise our spelling would be shocking! There would also be no capital letters involved, because that is how we actually type.)







B.A.A Transcript

Annika: “You’re wrecking the field Abi!”

Abigail: “Sorreee”

Annika: “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Brianna: “Do you guys remember when they graffitied the field?”

Annika: “Yes?”

Abigail: “I wasn’t here for that.”

Annika: “Oh my god!”

Brianna: “It was so funny!”

Annika: “They like, didn’t they get fined or something?”  (Verbal filler)

Brianna: “They got like weedkiller.”

Abigail: “Oh yeah, didn’t they like spray it in the quad? Or on the field?”

Annika: “Yeah they did some on the quad as well.”

Brianna: “Yeah they got weedkiller and like, drew inappropriate things.”

Abigail: “Oh…” awkward face

Brianna: “It was quite funny.”

Annika: “Didn’t Mr Hose say they got fined or something?”

Abigail: “Yeah they probably did. Coz its like… bad stuff, what, what is it?”

Annika: “Yeah they had to, they had to re- like – ”

Brianna: “It cost a lot of money”

Abigail: “Huhuh. Wasn’t it a leaving prank or something?”

Annika: “Yeah”

Brianna: “Yeah, I wonder what Jessie and Stirling -”

Abigail: “Oh, they banned all of the pranks last year.”

Brianna: “Did they?”

Abigail: “And they said that if anyone like did any pranks they would get like ex -”

Brianna: “Well they can’t get expelled coz they’re leaving.”

Abigail: (interrupts Brianna at they’re) “Well, no, they, they would get a fine or s-something or rather (Brianna: “That sucks”) I’m not really sure.”

Annika: “What did they do last year?”

Abigail: “They, they couldn’t do it last year coz there was a big punishment.”

Brianna: “That’s, not, really fair.”

Abigail: “They didn’t do anything they weren’t allowed.”

Annika: “You sure?”

Abigail: “Yeah”

Brianna: “Yeah they did?! Didn’t they?”

Abigail: “No coz Sam was gonna do one but he couldn’t do it coz he would have got like a serious…”

Annika: (interrupts at “like”) “Has Sam left?!”

Abigail: “Yeah”

Annika: “Oh my god!”

Brianna: “He’s in year 13 last year.”

Abigail: “Yeah he moved yesterday.”

Annika: “Where’s he going?” (Brianna says simultaneously “Yesterday?”)

Abigail: “Or the, day before or something he’s going to um, Canterbury.”

Brianna: mumbles unidentifiable sound

Annika: “Oh cool.”

Abigail: “Engineering.”

Annika: “Oh, like Luke!”

Brianna: “Sounds like Sam, that smart unidentified mumbling

Annika: gasp “That’s so cool”

Abigail: “All of the boys in year 13 that have, like, half a brain, they’re all doing  engineering.”

Brianna: “Do you know what Georgia is doing?”

Annika: “Oh, guys this is like 2 minutes and a half…”

Abigail: “She’s take, she’s taking a gap year.”














Hoodie: “Yea?”

Ginger: “Oh, fanks for answerin’ geeza I know what I mean!”

Brownie: “Gimme that. Where you been, fool? Makin’ us rinse ou’ our credit leavin’ you messages an’ that.”

Ginger: “Mr Dores is well on the warpath of you bruv yea.”

Hoodie: “Coz of da bag an’ that?”

Ginger: “Wot bag? Coz you missed the lesson you chie – ”

Brownie: “Gimme that. The bag weren’t a problem. Teggsy never mentioned it. He bott’led it. Ey, you comin’ over to mine la’er to play compu’er?”

Hoodie: “Nah I’m not, I’m at home now, I got business I gotta run.”

Brownie: “Wot business?”

Hoodie: “Business that minds its own? I’m ou’.”


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